Living the Weller Life

– November 2020 –

Networking Event

To ensure that residents of the Myrtle Beach area have the best support system possible for their needs, we recently hosted a safely distanced networking event with Grand Stand Hospital’s Case Management Network. We wanted to thank them for all of the hard work, and support for Brightwater. We’re proud to stay connected with our local healthcare network to ensure our Members receive the best care available in the area.

Creampuffs & Bourbon

This past week, Creampuffs & Bourbon, a male/female duo performed again after dinner. 😎 Their music always entertains as they play a variety of music from the 40’s to the 80’s decades. Creampuffs are always served in honor of the name and this night we included chocolate/raspberry wine. Many of our members were tapping their feet to the music and several got up and danced in the back of the tent. It was great fun and long overdue! 🎶

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table was a very popular event prior to COVID-19 and we wanted to bring it back in a safe way for our Members! Once our dining room was able to open up a bit recently, Members were thrilled to be able to enjoy this event once again. Distancing at the tables, masks before/after eating, and proper sanitizing has allowed us to bring this back! Our Executive Chef or one of our Sous Chefs, entertain our Members with a short cooking demonstration. The chefs prepare a dish table side explaining ingredients and techniques as they go. The demo concludes with everyone getting a taste of the culinary choice of the day. Our Members really look forward to this event and were super happy to see it returned to the calendar. YUM! 😋

Veteran’s Day

Today we honored our Veterans in care services with a special celebration. Our team visited the home of each Member and gave them a flag, card, and read a very special Veterans Day quote to them. Many teared up and were very touched that we took the time to honor each of them individually. Thank you to all of our Veterans at Brightwater and beyond for your service. 🇺🇸


Grease is the word! 🚗 Our team in Care Services recently dressed as characters from Grease to bring joy to our Members! They went around and handed out candy to each of our Members and then coffee was served by John Travolta! ☕️

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