Cost of Assisted Living in Myrtle Beach, SC

The cost of assisted living* in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina ranges from $1,995 per month for a semi-private room to $6,200 per month for a private two-bedroom villa apartment. The average cost is $4,032 per month or about $48,324 per year.

About Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is named after the Sweet Myrtle Tree which is native to the area. This coastal municipality is situated along a 60-mile stretch of pristine mid-Atlantic coastline known as The Grand Strand. The area caters to visitors and residents alike boasting world-class golf courses, exciting family entertainment and attractions, top-rated restaurants, distinguished universities and award-winning health care. Residents embrace the lively community surrounding Myrtle Beach and encourage those who visit to enjoy the beautiful beaches and find the place they call home.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Assisted Living Pricing Models

When you begin to tour assisted living facilities in Myrtle Beach, arrive prepared with a variety of questions about assisted living to learn more about their particular community. Asking questions will help you to gain clarity on their pricing, as each location will be different. It’s best to fully understand pricing models and ask in-depth questions so you won’t encounter unexpected costs or hidden fees. While searching for assisted living, you’ll find that there are three different pricing models communities generally use. Each of them varies with what’s included and what costs extra.

1. The “All-Inclusive” Model

The “all-inclusive” pricing model is preferred for its predictability and simplicity for month-to-month costs. If any unexpected medical issues arise, you won’t be required to pay more, and the increased assisted living services will be covered by your current fee. Since the meaning of “all inclusive” varies between communities, you should ask for the full list of what is included in the monthly fee to hinder any unexpected costs. Where some communities may offer a service like transportation to appointments as part of the price, others may include it as an additional fee on top of the flat monthly fee. While the cheaper option may seem more appealing, it’s best to read the fine print.

Example: Mr. Walter is comparing two communities for his father and both use the “all-inclusive” pricing model. Community A is $5,000 per month, and the fee includes rent, home furnishings, 3 meals per day plus snacks, utilities (water, electric, gas, cable), laundry services, housekeeping services, transportation to appointments, assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, continence, and mobility from a certified professional. Community B is $4,000 per month, and the fee includes: rent, home furnishings, and 3 meals per day. Since Community B doesn’t include all of the options that community A does, those additional services must be paid for and added on top of the $4,000 base price.

2. The “Levels of Care” Model

Also known as “Tiered Pricing”, this model is beneficial for those who want their bill to be consistent with their current care needs. This can be a riskier option, since needs may unexpectedly change and cause the individual to require a higher level of care, making the fee more expensive than originally expected. Their ‘level’ or ‘tier’ is assigned and regularly re-assessed for changes. Individuals who need little to no care/assistance would be placed into the lowest level of care, which is also the least expensive. On the opposite side, those who require a significant amount of care would be placed into a higher level of care, with costs that are more expensive. In addition, if an unexpected need comes up, they will be charged “a la carte” for additional services that are not included.

Example: Mrs. Jones joins the community and only requires medication management. She is assessed at a Tier 1 level of care, and her fee will be $2,500 per month. In 5 months, Mrs. Jones has unexpected health issues and now requires assistance with dressing, eating, and mobility. Due to the increase in assistance, she is re-assessed to Tier 4 level and her monthly fee will rise to $8,000 per month.

At Brightwater, we offer all-inclusive pricing because we want our assisted living staff to focus on providing care, not calculating it. To learn more about the different levels of care that are offered at Brightwater, click here or call 843-903-8300.

*Pricing is based on information availability and is subject to change.