• Making a Successful Transition into Alzheimer’s Care

    Determine a Plan When is the best time? What to keep, What to leave Transition Determine a Plan, Choose a Memory Care Provider Once the options for short and long term Alzheimer’s care have been evaluated, it’s time to determine a plan and choose a care provider. When choosing your provider, it’s essential to ensure… View Article View Article
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  • Alzheimer’s Action Plan Part 2: Memory Care Options

    Memory Care Options: Community Living Environment, In-Home Services, Adult Day Centers There are a variety of services available to assist and enrich the lives of those with Alzheimer’s and it begins with choosing whether to be a member of a community living environment, receiving in-home services, or participating at an adult day center. Consulting your… View Article View Article
  • Action Plan for Living With Alzheimer’s

    Action Plan for Alzheimer’s Creating an action plan for Alzheimer’s after being diagnosed is imperative. Early planning allows the person with Alzheimer’s or dementia to express his or her wishes for future care. Additionally, early planning allows time to work through the complex legal and financial issues involved with caring for someone in long-term care…. View Article View Article